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iBook Collection

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The following list of iBooks have been created for the iPad using the iBooks 2 application. Please follow the recommended steps below when loading an iBook to your iBook library.

  • STEP ONE: In order for you to open the iBook link below you must first upgrade you ibooks library iApp to iBooks 2. (Select this Link to Upgrade
  • STEP TWO: Select the iBook link to start your ibook upload 
  • STEP THREE: Select Download Tab and wait until the .iBooks appears and select "Open in iBooks" 
  • STEP FOUR: Wait about three to four minutes and the iBook will appear in your iBooks Library by opening into a media file. 
  • STEP FIVE: Enjoy the contents of your new iBook by opening selected charts, viewing photograph galleries, playing audio and video files.


Date Published

Title Download Link iBook Description


January 2012                                       



"Paradigms of Thinking" was writen and published by Mike King using the iAuthor Publishing Sweet. The iBook is about how paradigms can give insight to new ways of thinking and discusses the needed paradigm shift in education. Mike provides the reader with definitions, graphic representation and an audio cast to follow.  

February 2012 

In this iBook, I focus my message on the importance of creating digital content, what I have called the New Alexandrian Libraries of the Future. These are the future curators of content, the students who will research, write and publish digital content in a co-collaborative world. This is the ePub Generation, a new generation of students who learn in the Conceptual Age and who will seek the exactness of knowledge through facilitated learning.  This is the world that educators should capture.  These are the classrooms where students are allowed to tap into a knowledge pool of similar interest, a reservoir of creativity that may emerge through an enthusiastic wealth of talent producing warehouses of digital curriculum. It will not be an easy change and many tough challenges lie ahead to offset the standardized models of the existing rigors of traditional education.  


March 2012 
In this activity guide you will learn about the new collaboration roles of the curator, and designer, as information is synthesized from, standards, assessment, content, method, and process into newly developed content generated for mobile learning. The end product of these practices will be a digital book for the new "Alexandrian Libraries of the Future.




National Association of Secondary Principal’s Breaking Ranks Framework provides the initiative for schools to strive in making their learning environments more student centered. In this break out session entitled “Classrooms without Walls a Connected Learning Approach,” N.A.S.S.P’s Digital Principal Mike King will take a small slice out of the Breaking Ranks Model.  The webinar provides participants with a comprehensive framework for school improvement that focuses on technology.  During the webinar Digital Principal Mike King will present participants with two essential talking points.  The first talking point is on how to design curriculum that centers on the millennium learner. The second talking point will provide participants with information on how to change the landscape when designing the necessary architecture that will support learning in the 21st Century. The end result of this session is to offer participants with the foundations for creating learning environments where students participate in a universal learning experience by utilizing mobile tools as they continually access and create multidimensional patterns of explanations of the world around them. 
















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