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New Alexandria

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The New Alexandrian s

Those of us who have a love for learning also have a love for books. In my office I have four walls of bookshelves each loaded with my favorite titles, the titles I have selected and purchased from the many bookstores I have visited over the years. Antique books of classics to the most known nomenclatures of my interest. These are the books that now rest in my library, ready to be revisited, reread, or provide a reference to support a written thought. Like now. A new title, a new thought, a piece of my presence, now being articulated into written form.


As I begin this quest of written expression to share my ideas on "The ePub Generation: The New Alexandrian Library," I also look to find that one book, the book that I have read that lays dormant within my memories of past readings. The one book that generated these thoughts that sets on a shelf encased in glass. The book shelf that holds my classics, protected from the environmental exposures of air particles of dust and vapor. Looking across the tiles I had remembered a chapter once explored from Carl Sagan's book entitled "The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean." As I open the book an index card appears from notes I had buried away almost twenty years ago.


"At the heart of the library was a collection of half million volumes of hand written papyrus scrolls. The scrolls were borrowed, copied from all over the world for plagiarism did not exist for the value of knowledge was sought to be shared. The scrolls were shipped from all over the known world by commercial sea vessels that docked in the harbor of Alexandria. Alexandria was know at the time as the center of learning for every Greek King who succeeded Alexander the Great were serious about learning.  Each time a ship enter the harbor it would be searched by the harbor police to keep the original, and return the copy of the scrolls carried by a vessel. This is the known method for the great collection and how the library grew to the heights of organized topics from multiple languages from the know world."


Below are resource directly associated with creating digital libraries using various applications.


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